Welcome Letter


Dear All,

Finally, the pandemic has ended and turned into an endemic. All of us have successfully navigated through the long tunnel of COVID-19 over the past three years. ISAMS is a highly regarded international academic conference organized annually by the Medical Association of Pharmacopuncture Institute (MAPI) and Korean Pharmacopuncture Institute (KPI). It has gained recognition not only within the field of Korean medicine but also in the global alternative medicine community. However, its activities were temporarily halted by the pandemic. Now, the conference is ready to become a platform once again where researchers from around the world showcase their research achievements each year.

MAPI and KPI have been dedicated to promoting and disseminating knowledge about pharmacopuncture. We publish two international academic journals, JAMS and JoP, and have been organizing ISAMS to showcase the research outcomes published in these journals by touring different countries around the world.

ISAMS has been presenting research outcomes on acupuncture, moxibustion, korean medicine, and the achievements of the global alternative medicine with renowned researchers from famous universities around the world. Now, with the intention to expand globally once again, we announce the revival of ISAMS in Jeju, the enchanting island the Republic of Korea

The Republic of Korea is a country with world-class support and investment in education and research. As a result, many achievements are being made in the medical and bio fields, and achievements are also increasing in the field of Korean medicine, which is one of them.

We think it is a great opportunity to evaluate the level of Korean medicine with research results funded by research funds supported by Ministry of Science and ICT and Ministry of Health and Welfare through National Research Foundation of Korea and Institute of Oriental Medicine Promotion. Such support serves as a bridge that activates research in Korean medicine and enables Korean medicine to expand to the world.

It will be a special place where you can look into the research achievements of several individual researchers, including researchers from the Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine and various research centers (MRC, BRL, etc.) of Korean medicine universities. Through this, it would be good to draw a future direction for Korean medicine

Tae-han Yook, MDKM, Ph.D

President / Medical Association of Pharmacopuncture Institute
President / Institute of Korean Medicine Education and Evaluation
Co-host of ISAMS 2023

Byung-Soo Ahn, MDKM, Ph.D

President / Korean Pharmacopuncture Institute
Co-host of ISAMS 2023

Hi-Joon Park, KMD, PhD, Professor

Director / Acupuncture & Meridian Science Research Center
Co-chairs of ISAMS 2023

Yeonseok Kang, KMD, PhD, Professor

Director / Institute of Korean Medicine Education and Evaluation
Co-chairs of ISAMS 2023